• The Pennsylvania State University, USA, offers a master of geographic information systems (MGIS). The degree at is designed for working professionals aspiring to leadership positions in the field and wishing to pursue a world-class master’s degree online.
  • The Lund University, Sweden offers an Internet-based Masters in Geographical Information Systems – GIS (distance learning), offers a two year Internet-based distance learning programme in analysing and modelling spatial phenomena using GIS (Geographical Information Science). The aim is to offer you a flexible and comprehensive training in GIS. All courses are provided over the Internet, including text, audio and video lectures, email contact, forums and Skype correspondence with specialised academic staff.
  • ITC, the Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation of the University of Twente offers a distance learning course on Principles of Geographical Information Systems. This course introduces participants to the basic concepts and operational skills necessary for data entry, data manipulation and analysis, and the production of interpretable output. The course is useful to novices, as well as to those experienced in some aspects of GIS but lacking a complete overview of the state of the art and/or the conceptual foundation.
  • UNIGIS is a worldwide network of educational institutions which offer distance learning courses in GIS. Institutions within the UNIGIS network offer internationally recognised qualifications for GIS professionals and those seeking to enter the field.
  • ESRI offers a range of distance training and education courses.
  • UNIGIS at the VU University Amsterdam offers distance learning courses on GIS.