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A new publication
has been posted on :
December 23, 2014


Participatory GIS / PPGIS and Community Mapping Literature
carefully selected for you by experienced practitioners

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PLA Issue No. 54
Mapping for change: practice, technologies and communication
Eds.: Rambaldi G; Corbett J.; McCall M; Olson R; Muchemi J; Kyem P; Weiner D; Chambers R.

Buy New  $32.00

Mapping Communities: Ethics, Values, Practice
Mapping Communities: Ethics, Values, Practice:

Jefferson Fox, Krisnawati Suryanata, and Peter Hershock (eds.)
Drawing on Local Knowledge: A Community Mapping Training Manual
Momberg, F., K. Atok, and M. Sirait

Price not known

Participatory 3D Modelling: Guiding Principles and Applications

Giacomo Rambaldi

get for free or buy

Local Control of Land and Forest: Cultural Dimension of Natural Resource Management in Northern Thailand 
Anan Ganjanapan

Buy New  $20

Indigenous Landscapes: A Study in Ethnocartography
Mac Chapin and
Bill Threlkeld

Buy new $15 or less

Heritage Publishing House, P.O. Box 3667, Manila, Philippines
Community Mapping Manual for Resource Management

Buy New  $33.35

Heritage Publishing House, P.O. Box 3667, Manila, Philippines


Sharing Power: Learning by Doing in Co-management of NR throughout the World
Borrini-Feyerabend G. et al.

Buy New  $52.50

Participatory Learning and Action, A Trainer's Guide
Participatory Learning and Action, A Trainer's Guide

Jules N. Pretty, Irene Guijt, John Thompson and Ian Scoones

Buy New  $52.50

Giving Land a Voice: Mapping Our
Home Places
Harrington S.

Buy New $20.95

Exploring biological diversity, environment and local people's perspectives in forest landscapes.:
Sheil, D. et al.

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